Student Life


Master's Program Requirements: Completion of 24 credits for graduation. 


1. Required Courses: 15 credits.


Course Title


Recommended Semester for Course Enrollment

Principles of Epidemiology


Fall Semester

Public Health: Perspective and Prospect


Fall Semester

Generalized Linear Models


Fall Semester

Statistical and Machine Learning


Spring Semester

Mathematical Statistics


Fall Semester

Seminar on Health Data Analytics and Statistics M(1)



Seminar on Health Data Analytics and Statistics M(2)






2.Elective Courses


In addition to the required courses mentioned above, students must also choose a minimum of 9 credits of elective courses in the master's program. Among these, students must select at least two courses from the Advanced Statistical Analysis category and at least one course from the Health Data Knowledge category. If students receive course exemptions, they may still need to take additional courses. 





M.S. curriculum map for Institute of Health Data Analytics and Statistics


Required Courses

Total credits required: 15 credits

1. Public Health: Perspective and Prospect (2)

2.Principles of Epidemiology (2) (Students with sufficient background knowledge may be eligible for course exemptions.)

3.Generalized Linear Models (3)

4. Mathematical Statistics (3)

5.Seminar on Health Data Analytics and Statistics M(1) (1)

6.Seminar on Health Data Analytics and Statistics M(2) (1)

7. Statistical and Machine Learning (3)


Elective Courses

Advanced Statistical Analysis Elective Courses

Health Data Knowledge Course

Survival Analysis (3)

Computing in Epidemiology and Biostatistics (2)

Introduction and Application of Computational Biology Methods (3)

Statistical Analysis for Repeated Measurements (2)

Advanced Aanalytical Methods for Meta-analysis (2)

High-Dimensional Statistical Methods高維度統計方法(2)

Introduction to Meta-analysis (1)

Statistical Thinking統計思考(2)

Structural Equation Modeling (2)

Advanced Statistical Methods for Lifetime Data and Longitudinal Data (3)

Modeling of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology(2)

The Methods for Precision Health Data Analytics and Statistics(3)

Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data (2)

Applied Bayesian Statistical Analysis (3)

Applied Stochastic process (2)

Applied Stochastic process () (2)

Applied Stochastic process () (2)

Categorical Data (3)Categorical Data Analysis(3)

Statistics in Disease Screening (2)

Special Topics in Case Control Methodology (2)

Genetics and Medicine in Population Health (2)

Methods in Descriptive Epidemiology (2)

Clinical Trials(2)